2021 Stories and Videos

C2k Ministries Inc. has archived all stories and videos from 2021. Take a look around at some of the great stuff that happened in 2021.

Being A Blessing

We were blessed to have Michael Jones, Jim Dykema, and Bill Hrovat come down from WI to help work on a few homes during the

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Bringing Hope

Bringing hope to one family at a time. I have been keeping you in the loop about Mr. Brown and his house. I wanted to

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June 8 Flood Update

Thanks to many of you for prayers. It is really bad here. The front literally stalled right over us this morning and ended up dumping

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Braylen Writes A Book

Braylen Rimmer, 2nd grader in Cleveland, MS School District, has written his first book called The Phoenix Son. This is the first book in a

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Digital Currency Donations

At some point I am sure that you have probably heard the terms “digital currency”, or “cryptocurrency”, or “bitcoin.” This form of currency has created

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Chart showing giving percentages from 2019-2020

By The Numbers

At The Core Whether in business or in ministry, sometimes we can get swayed away from what we are really all about and what we

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