Being A Blessing

We were blessed to have Michael Jones, Jim Dykema, and Bill Hrovat come down from WI to help work on a few homes during the past week.

As reported in an earlier email, Patty, Scott, and Karen came down here from WI about a month ago. Patty worked with Samaritan’s Purse tearing out a few final houses.

Our ministry was contacted by both of the homeowners, asking if we could replace the drywall. We told them we would get there, but it would be a bit as we had quite the list.

One month later, Michael, Jim, and Bill answered the call and answered it in a big way.

One of the homes needed about 2 feet of drywall throughout the house, and there were floor and wall repairs that needed repairs.

We had all the supplies delivered, and they went to work and completed the job in no time.

48 Inches of Standing Water

The next homeowner reported to me that she had 4 feet of standing water in her home for more than a week. When Patty was with Samaritan’s Purse, they completely emptied this house and removed all the walls. When Michael, Jim, and Bill entered the house with me, it was gutted, with no air conditioning and running water, and our heat index was around 115 and extremely humid.

The goal was to get the drywall installed and start rebuilding hope for the homeowner. We had all the drywall delivered with mud and tape, and they started on this home.

Michael, Jim, and Bill went to work. They worked in extreme conditions with heat and humidity. Within a few days, they installed all the walls and got them taped.

Not only is the homeowner blown away, but so was I. I can’t say thank you enough to Michael, Jim, and Bill for all their work while they were here. They blessed us in many ways. Thanks again for all that you did while here!


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  1. To GOD be the glory!!! Thanks, SUPER team,for being willing to be used by God to serve those in need ?!

  2. It’s looking great!! Thanks to all that have helped Kim and Phil and the some of the people who are in need of help!!

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