Become a Board Member

Board Information and Responsibilities

Responsible to: The President of the Board of Directors.

Related closely with: The President of C2k Ministries Inc. and the Executive Director Of RE>Direct After School Program.

To serve as a voting member of the group with authority and responsibility to develop policies, procedures, and regulations for the conduct of C2k Ministries Inc.; to assist in raising funds through personal contributions and participation in the efforts to finance the organization and its programs.

Responsibilities and Powers of the Board

1. Establish policies for administering the goals, objectives, programs and services of C2k Ministries Inc.

2. Oversees the Executive Director

3. Helps to secure funding for the current expenses by mobilizing the entire volunteer and staff forces for active participation in fund raising programs.

4. Monitors the financial affairs in a responsible basis in accordance with established policies.

5. Administers the strategic plan of the organization Responsibilities of Board Members

6. Attendance at board meetings (continuity of attendance and participation as a policy maker and planner is the most important part of the job)

a. Attend regularly and on time

b. Become well informed (in advance on agenda items)

c. Contribute knowledge and express points of view based on experience

d. Consider other points of view, make constructive suggestions, and help the board make group decisions reflecting the thinking of the total board

7. Attend the meetings of the standing committee (and ad hoc committees) if appointed.

8. Become a financial supporter at a level you are comfortable with.

9. Be willing to consider serving the board in capacities such as being a board officer, committee chairperson, etc.

10. Represent C2k Ministries Inc. at community events, organizations, and with private individuals. Speak proudly and positively.

11. Be informed about the programs and policies of C2k Ministries Inc.

12. Educate yourself about the needs of the community especially as their needs may be served by C2k Ministries Inc.

Time Commitment

• Term: Renewable yearly unless an officer which has specific set terms

• Meetings: We meet as needed instead of having regular meetings set. The only set meeting is the annual meeting. Your attendance is expected at all meetings and they are conducted through video conferencing.


1. Has a heart for seeing children have a chance to succeed.

2. A person of unquestionable character.

3. Is interested in the goals, objectives and programs of C2k Ministries Inc.

4. Is well thought of among the men and women of his/her business or profession.

5. Is a respected citizen in the community.

6. Has a breadth of understanding and a tolerance for the viewpoints of others.

7. Is willing to state one’s convictions – and equally the willing to accept the majority decision when in conflict with one’s own convictions.

8. Will deal openly and directly with the staff and other board members when pleased, or displeased, about something.

Because Every Student Matters

We find that many kids today struggle academically and socially. Our organization provides tools and resources to help them overcome challenges giving them a chance to be successful in life. Jesus was clear that children were important and because Jesus believed that, we believe that.

Watch the short video that will help create perspective.