Celebrating Our 10th Year Of Ministry In The Mississippi Delta

What Is The Story All About?

Kym and Phil have been involved in the life of kids for almost 20 years. Mentoring, walking with and just there to listen when someone needed an ear. For 16 years the context was a white, suburban, wealthier community. During that period (18 years) Kym came to Mound Bayou, MS (the oldest established all African-American community founded by ex-slaves in 1887) to volunteer. Falling in love with the community, Phil decided to see what she was up to and started coming with her. They have brought several youth groups to Mound Bayou, MS and little did they know that God had something more…

“We really feel that God called us to Mound Bayou”, says Phil. That calling was not only heard but confirmed by several people that know them well. “While it hasn’t been easy all the time, we continue to do our best in seeking God in all things that we are doing. We know that he has some big plans.”

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Where does the funding come from?

Our ministry and non-profit has four primary sources of funding:


From August 2023 until January 31, 2024, our funding percentages have changed. Grant  funding has decreased, corporate funding is increasing, while church and individual giving stayed about the same.

Phil Wrote A Book!

Reviews are in and they are all 5 star! An Extraordinary Night is an incredibly illustrated, beautifully written story about Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the Wise Men, Shepherds, and all the events that surrounded the birth of Jesus.

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Creating Change

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As human beings, we have infinite worth and value. We were created to be empowered.

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What does it look like when we really treat our neighbor as ourselves? 

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A properly resourced dream brings about incredible change. An underfunded dream does nothing.

Corporate Sponsorship

Starting in 2024, we are accepting corporate and organizational sponsors that receive benefits in advertising with us. We would ask that you visit their websites and consider using their products and services. We will NEVER accept a request from an unethical company or organziation. If you would like to become a sponsor, please take a look at our media and sponsorship packages.

Foundational Support

We have been blessed over the years to receive foundational support from the following foundations. Without their support, our program would not exist.