Thanks for the prayers

Phil and Kym Thank You For Your Prayers


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  1. Glad you are all safe. It was pretty windy here in Wisconsin as well but obviously not as bad as where your at. Praise the Lord for your safety.

    Dave Foster.

  2. Thanks for letting us know. When I heard of the storms going through your area, I thought of you guys and wondered how you survived. Happy to hear the update. Bruce.

  3. Glad y’all are safe and suffered no damage. Thanks for the video. Our prayers are for all who have been affected by the storm. We did not have any damage here in Jxn and are thankful to God for that and your safety.

  4. Hopefully the electricity has come back on by now. Thankfully you and Kim are ok. Blessings to both of you and stay well.

  5. We really appreciate your update and are thankful to hear you are doing well. Praying for restoration of power and the clean up.

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