How Does Giving Tuesday Work?


So How Does Giving Tuesday Work and What are the Statistics? #GivingTuesday is a super important day for organizations across the world. Our organization, as well as countless numbers of others, benefit greatly from the charitable contributions made by individuals and institutions. #GivingTuesday started 7 years ago as it connects diverse groups of individuals, communities, […]

Rich and Famous Ashton

What happens when kids dream? These moments come along once and a while and when they do we want to share them. Watch the short video and see what Ashton is doing.

2018 Kickoff Video

C2k Ministries Inc. kicks off RE>DIRECT, a holistic after-school program. 2018 has kicked off and we are geared for a great year!

A Quick View Of Our Wisconsin Trip

C2k Ministries Inc.- 2018 WI Trip

C2k Ministries Inc Takes Students to Wisconsin We have been really blessed so far on this trip. Swimming, hanging out, hiking, tubing and more. Watch the video. Do you think everyone is enjoying their visit?