Truth is that Kym and I have never had to overcome the things that many of our kids have had to overcome. Our kids are such champions. Despite everything being against them they continue to listen to what we are telling them and press on.

Systemically there are powers, yes powers, that are working against our kids. I used to say that all things are equal to include the “playing field”. In reality nothing could be further from the truth.

For the past year our kids have been presented choices. We have told the kids all year that choices will dictate outcomes and they will either be good or bad, “make a wise choice” is something that you will hear regularly.

Several of our kids saved well over $1,000 of their RE Direct dollars for the trip to Kansas City. This was a hard thing for them to do and there were so many that were struggling at the end just for a chance to go. In the end, 4 paid for the trip (6 had enough money) and 3 went with us and we had a blast.

How is this even possible? Well Coach Doug Henry BLESSES us and our kids each year with a tour, ticket to a game and more. We can’t thank him and the Kansas City Royals enough. Y’all have no idea the impact you have had on a small town from rural MS… We are not talking about McComb either Dyson… 

Have you ever had a kid say this? “Is this (the bed) all for me?” To which I replied, “yes it is.” Then I hear, “I have never had a bed all to myself.”  See we have no actual context for a qeustion like that. We didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in our mouths but at least I always had my own bed.

When we say something like “Becuase every kid matters” it isn’t a slogan, it isn’t a tagline, it isn’t something clever that we came up with. It is something that we all believe to the core. If every kid mattered to Jesus, then every kid matters to us and we will fight for them. We will be their voice when they have none.

So what is life all about? It’s about our heros above. Those kids who work tirelessly to overcome all of the obstacles. We are not the heros, they are and we get  chance to participate in their journey. What an incredible chance to do something much bigger than yourself.

Because every kid matters.


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