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C2k Ministries Team Receives Beautiful Notes From Kids and Grandparent.

Recently, two students and one grandparent had some really cool things to say to some of our staff members.

Before we get to what these students had to say, I was encouraged by one of our teammates to share this with everyone. Often we are asked the question, “are you really making a difference?” Well, here is a brief answer to that question which is then backed up by beautiful acts of kindess.

In Galatians 5:22 it says this, “But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.”  If you want to know what I see on a daily basis, even when I am not there, it is these things. God has a powerful way of transforming minds, hearts and souls. When we exhibit these things around our workplace, RE>DIRECT and C2k Ministries, it becomes contagious.

Last point, “honor.” It says in Romans 12:10, ” Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” In the days of social media, it is super easy to “artificially” honor others. We give them a quick “heart” or “like” and we move on without ever really honoring them.

When we started working on teamwork in April, “devotion and honoring” were not very high on our list (as you will recall). As we started to discover each other’s voices and personalities, we began a quest for understanding which gave us a chance at growing into these traits.

Today we stand in a much different place. When we slow down and become intentional, both with teammates and kids, it serves everyone really well. It allows us to develop into that which we were created to be versus that which everyone tells us we can’t.

Since moving here (Mound Bayou), I have heard the comments on the outside like, “are you sure you can really make a difference?” When Kym and I moved here we were not sure what kind of difference we might make but we were confident that God would make a difference even when we could not see how.

I was once again reminded of that last night. I leave the program and head home. I open the door and I forgot that Zanyla and Kee were at the house with Auntie Kym doing school work. I was quickly reminded as Zanyla shouts, “UNCLE PHIL.” Kee also greeted me with his version of Uncle Phil as well.

I am reminded each day when we have a 16-year-old young man living in our home who has been passed over by many to fail out of a system and we just won’t give up on him.

I am reminded when I walk through our doors at home and hear “UNCLE PHIL” shouted like she is standing on the rooftops.

I am reminded when I see the comments on Slack, I see the photos when that Edna posts which accurately depict the place that our team has taken this ministry to.

I am reminded when Kym and I are blessed beyond belief by y’all with awards, cards, money, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, LOVE, compassion, and more.

I am reminded when I see a thank you card from a student like the one that Mallory gave to Joyce yesterday.

Are we sure that we can make a difference?

I am CERTAIN that God can and the closer we live to God, the better the fruits of His Spirit have a chance to fill our ministry with all the wonderful things that come from them. I am certain that we become more devoted to one another and we honor others better than ourselves. This confidence can only be found in and through Christ.

Mallory and Mrs. Joyce Pitts

Recently, a student in Mallory’s grade came down with COVID-19. Although Mallory didn’t ever have COVID, we made the decision to ask her to stay out of the program for 2 weeks.

During that time, Mrs. Joyce Pitts kept in touch with Mallory and then she received this:

In addition, she received this text message from Mallory’s grandmother, “Thank you for being a positive influence in Mallory’s life. You are doing such a great job of being a mentor to Mallory. She is making good progress in her daily school work and other aspects of her achievements in life. You are a valuable person in her life. I am so thankful that you are making a difference in her life.”

What a powerful expression of gratitude.

Tamia and Ms. Edna Bland

Tamia is the daughter of LaTonya Fields who is part of our incredible team. Tamia has been coming on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s to get some extra help. Tamia has been part of the program for years and some of you might remember her being in Wisconsin on a trip there. Needless to say, she had a blast on that trip!

C2k Ministries Inc.- 2018 WI Trip

Recently she gave a card to Ms. Edna Bland in appreciation for all that Edna has been doing:

Once again we see one of our students expressing gratitude outwardly and it is beautiful isn’t it?

Personally speaking we (Kym and I) are super blessed to have such an incredible team that is not only reaching our students but reaching our community. We are beyond grateful to each teammate for all that they continue to do!

Not Just A Flower

Yesterday, Zanyla our god-daughter and grand daughter of Sandra Kemp, one of our incredible teammates, stopped at the house asking for Auntie Kym. She wanted to give her a flower because Auntie Kym wasn’t feeling well:

Zanyla was carrying a cup with her so I asked, “do you want me to put those in water for you?”

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by her response, “It’s ok Uncle Phil, the rest of them are for ‘the team.'”

The team that she is referring to is our staff. This darling first-grader picked a few flowers and just wanted to share those with “the team” in hopes of bringing a smile to their faces.

In a time where we are continually bombarded with negative messages, it is great to be a witness to gratitude in such a genuine way.


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