Our Students Did It!

C2k Ministries Inc. Challenges Students and They Rose To The Occasion

So what happens when we create high expectations? Students rise up and meet the challenge. On October 1, 2020, our students had 2,403 questions answered with 67 skills mastered. I challenged them to hit 5,000 questions answered and master 100 skills by October 10. If they completed that challenge as a group I would through them a pizza party.

Well, it looks like we will be having a pizza party this week as they blew right through the goal that we set for them. We are so proud of them and all that they are doing!

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  1. Wow!!! 6,613 is A LOT of questions to answer! Nice job! You are working hard and it shows. I live in California and it’s fun to see what you’re doing in Mississippi. I love your shields and masks 🙂 Good job of staying safe, following guidelines and keeping ON! Learning can’t stop, right?? Keep up the good work, students!

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