A Flood and a Stolen Car

So this probably sounds like a weird book title or a made for television event but this really happened.

The Flood

After returning from Wisconsin, I, Phil, Went to our building on a Sunday to make a few copies. Upon arriving, I noticed debris on the top of the outside window sills. I then opened the door and there was dirt all over the floor.

We just had the floors stripped, cleaned, and re-waxed so this was not a welcome site.

We had a really strong rain the previous Friday but thought nothing of it. Our road flooded, water came rushing through the front door, about 6 inches of it, and like a small tidal wave, moved through the entire building.

When I made it halfway to the back room, there was a terrible smell. I stepped into the backroom (carpet), and heard a “squish” sound. The carpet was completely soaked. Needless to say, I tore out all the carpet while Kym started cleaning, moving, and checking items for damage.

The silver lining is that Kym still had all of the stuff in the front of the building on the stage and because it was elevated, it did not get damaged. Many other things had to be thrown out such as desks, wood cubbie holder, and more.

Thankfully we got it all done, cleaned and now we are deciding what to do with the backroom. Carpet will not be part of the answer…

A Stolen Car

Now this is something. Kym and I were heading to Memphis on August 12. We parked the car at the Hilton Memphis Hotel, directly in front of the building. On Saturday, some friends picked me up and we went to the Fed Ex Cup at Southwind. We spent the whole day there and Kym spent the day at the pool.

We were then leaving early Sunday morning to drive to Wisconsin for the memorial service of a dear friend, Dr. Bob “Lebron” Krieger. We walked out of the hotel and I walked down to get the car. Hitting the key fob, I am not hearing any noise. I get to where my car should be and it is not there. I look to the left and right, and my car is nowhere to be found.

We called the Memphis Police and once the policeman found out it was an Infinity, he proceeded to tell me of the rash of Infinitys that are being stolen in Memphis. Apparently, someone broke into a locksmith shop, stole the key fobs and somehow have them programmed to start Infinitys. Unfortunately, our car was one of them and they have not found the car, 10 days later.

Yes we have insurance and we are sure we will be taken care of. That being said, this was another event that we just didn’t need. Please be praying for us.


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