2018-2019 Comes To A Close

C2k Ministries Ends The 2019 Year Strong

The 2018-2019 school year came to a close at the end of May. This school year presented many challenges that we did not have in previous years. We had to move out of the Delta Health Center as they expanded and needed the wing that we were occupying. To be clear, the Delta Health Center, specifically CEO John Fairman and the Board of Directors were beyond generous to us. Mr. Lonni always made sure everything was clean and the garbage was taken out, it truly was a blessing and we are grateful for the time spent there. We enjoyed about 2 weeks at St. Gabriel Mercy Center until their Board of Directors decided that we were not a good fit. We are still baffled by the decision but either way we needed to move again. The last move took us to Cleveland, MS. Crosstown Fellowship Church, a church with a mission of restoring diversity and unity through authentic faith in Christ, opened its doors to our program. Seth Still (Board VP), Dr. Larry Haywood (Board Member), and I planted this church so the transition to it was natural although it presented logistical challenges. Because we now have to drive on the freeway for 10 miles we needed a new van and we also need to find drivers to pick up kids at 3 different schools and get them to the program.

The students presented new challenges as we worked through behavior issues and even had to remove a few students from the program.

In the midst of it all, we kept true to the gospel and the powerful message and we saw some cool results specifically in reading.

71% of our students increased their reading grade level by at least 0.5 years.
14% increased by 1.0 years
15% increased by 1.5 years

100% of our students are moving on to their next grade and we had several students make honor roll, principals list, as well as the administrators list.

We are excited about the new upcoming year and we are expecting great things as we progress towards finally getting our own building and facility. More to come about that soon.


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  1. This report is soooooooo impressive!! Do we really appreciate that these youth would not have a chance in this world without the help of C2k Ministries? Thank you. You are changing the world by helping these children! God bless you so much!!

  2. Thank you ? for c2kministries who has work with our children and teaching them and at the same time instilled good behavior and respect in them, thanks to the staff of C2k our children are truly blessed to have you.

    Thank you !!!!????

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