2016-2017 Comes to a Close

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This past year has been incredible. Our students continued to perform at levels most would not expect.
The difference? We set high expectations and the kids rose to them.
Reading levels increased because of Fastforward.
Math skills increased because of Dreambox.
On average, 97% of students received “C’s” or higher
Over 65% had “B’s” or higher.
When asked what was a highlight for the year, one student replied, “I liked learning more about Jesus.”
One student, for the first time ever, received all A’s and B’s during a reporting period.
In short, breakthrough happened.
When love meets accountability, powerful things can take place.
Our program already has 15 students signed up for next year. (first week to sign up)
Bummer is that we only have 20 spots. We are in desperate need of a facility that we can call our own.
The Delta Health Center has been soooo gracious to us and we are forever thankful!
The goal has always been to have a Youth Center that offers more than an after-school program.
We have the land… We need the investment to build.
When thinking about all that could be the possibilities are endless. Making an impact in the life of a child can change generations.
We know that next year has the potential to be even greater!

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