Our Merchandise

Why have merchandise?

Great question. There are a few reasons with one being to raise funds. Everytime we sell a piece of merchandise, 100% of all profits go to help our programs and students. As we expand our selection, we will include pieces created by our students and we are really excited about that! 

In addition, when you like something you have a tendency to promote it. Shirts , hats, and more give us the chance to “show off” the things that we like and appreciate.

We will offer more soon so be on the watch!


RE>DIRECT is a holistic after-school program that helps underserved students in the Mississippi Delta.

MISSION: Providing a solid foundation to develop successful leaders. 

We accomplish this by equipping our students with resources to develop strong spiritual, physical, social, and academic skills.


  • Christ Centered- All we do is centered on Jesus. (Isaiah 45:5, 2 Timothy 3:16-17, Proverbs 22:6)
  • Ministry Led- The program is led through and by ministry
  • Holistic- Life, developmental and educational all in one
  • Leadership Focused- Provide the necessary environment to produce leaders
  • Long Term Approach- Process of 10-15 years with a student. Not a quick fix mentality.


RE>Direct has extremely high standards. We expect students to rise to the expectations that are set and we will not lower them. When you expect someone to rise up they almost always do. While we do not seek perfection, we do strive for excellence. Each student and parent/guardian has to fill out a complete application, attend meetings and follow the rules and expectations set. Should they not comply, the student is removed from the program and the next child on the waiting list comes in. Because of the high demand and limited spots, we need to enforce the policies and procedures of the program.


Because we are a holistic program, we don’t just focus on homework. Rather we focus on development. Here are the main components of our program:

Healthy food on arrival
Mentoring Time
Weekly Bible Lesson
Arts Time 
Team Building Projects
Banking– Kids reconcile their checkbooks, make deposits, etc.
Store– Kids can purchase real itesm with their RE>Direct bucks.
Recreation/Physical Activity