Megan Munro- Our Program Director and More!

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Megan grew up in Southeastern Wisconsin where both her parents are educators. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater with a Bachelor of Science in Education degree in Special Education. In the past ten years, Megan has worked in a wide variety of educational settings and has had the privilege of helping many children learn and grow. Six years ago she took a weekend trip to Mound Bayou to help Phil & Kym wrap Christmas presents, and she immediately began to fall in love with the community. In 2014 she left behind everyone and everything she knew in Wisconsin and followed God’s call to move to the Mississippi Delta and do full-time ministry with C2k Ministries.  She firmly believes that every child has the right to quality education, but that right isn’t available to many children in the Mississippi Delta. Every child is capable of amazing things if they have the tools and strategies to succeed. She also knows that our public schools are overcrowded, overtested, and underfunded. At RE>DIRECT she can breathe into the lives of our students and give them opportunities that the public schools can not provide. In school, students learn academics, at RE>DIRECT students learn about life.

4 thoughts on “Megan Munro- Our Program Director and More!”

  1. Sister Donald Mary

    You are truly awesome. I cannot believe that Lamont skipped two grades. This is a miracle in itself!! You all sure make a difference!!!

  2. We love you, Megan, and it gives us a lot of joy to see God using you in Mound Bayou! We already knew Megan was great, but it’s good to see her highlighted 🙂 Love from CA!

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