Linda Dorsey

Mentor Specialist

Linda lives in Mound Bayou, MS and is one of our Mentor Specialists the at RE>Direct After School Program. She was born in Chicago, Illinois. Linda is a blessed Mother of 2 sons; her oldest passed on last year and my youngest lives in Mound Bayou. Linda went to high school partly in Mound Bayou but finished in Michigan. She has an A.A.Degree in  Early Childhood; a Bachelors Degree in Community Counseling from Delta State University; a Master’s Degree from Delta State University in School Counseling. One unique thing about Linda is she loves children! Linda loves helping them, teaching them and nurturing them. She fell in love with RE>Direct from the very first day the doors were open and has been there since the start. Linda saw life come down to Mound Bayou, MS in a unique way with two beautiful people.