Edna Bland

For some reason, I have always felt that education was very important and as a child I had an aunt that worked one year after graduating  high school and entered college after that.  She was a teacher and I followed in her footsteps and also went to college and pursued a degree.  But I watched and learned from her the importance of education such as a  fulfilling job as a teacher  and helping students.  
After graduating high school, all three of my children knew that they would be entering college.  Going to college was pushed in the household and was a way for them to pursue a fulfilling career.  All three graduated college and I think they are working basically in their field and enjoy what they do.    I want the kids in Re-Direct to be encouraged and be pushed  to move from elementary, junior high and high school to always move further in life. .  Children may live in poverty and must be taught that living in poverty is not their life but they must be taught the way of God and that God wants the best for them..